So here is the thing ... i own all black cloth.
I love to look good and being practical.
So i was thinking if i take solid black Maine coon will hair be visible on black cloth ?
I now you can notice it anyways but is it visible or not so ?
You can think my question is silly but i am bit worried about it because i work with people so i don't want to look like mess and need to clean cloth with sticky roll every morning.

I also own one linx cat but her hair is short and don't shred much so she don't leave much hair on me and it is easy to clean.
I am wondering this because i prefer lighter colors of coons like tabby or smoke but it black hair will be less visible i will definitely help myself because i'm bit oc/dc person and i goth black bed and black everything so i want to give hand to myself about extra work

Don't think i'm shallow or something - I'm not!
Colors don't make such a difference to me - but visible 'messy' cloth does

Thanks people!