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Thread: A Coonie Christmas: Why I'm Thankful For My Coonies

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    A Coonie Christmas: Why I'm Thankful For My Coonies

    Two years ago I was suffering from a relapse of anxiety and manic depression. Approaching my senior year of my undergraduate degree, I had major concerns about even finishing and graduating. The relapse was triggered by a home invasion and the resulting unease and fear of another robbery. I spent most nights awake, sometimes physically ill.
    Enter Mandy. DH was at work, so I decided to visit the local no-kill shelter for cats. It was a safe haven not only for the cats but for people like me. Three hours later, Mandy and I were inseparable, and the shelter director called the woman who had rescued Mandy to ask a few questions. Mandy came home the next day. Our Bengal mix Rose immediately took to Mandy and they were instant friends. Through Rose, Mandy learned how to play and wrestle, and how to have fun. But more importantly, Mandy became the lynchpin of my recovery. All I needed was a regular schedule of cuddles and bonding with an animal I could not believe was a part of my life. Within a few months I was freed of the debilitating panic attacks that threatened to ruin my entire life as I knew it. Mandy's persistence paid off, and now when I feel like I'm slipping back into that dark spiral, all I need to do is hold her and hear her purr on my pillow. She even stayed by my side this past May when I had my wisdom teeth removed and was bedridden for two days with horrible pain.
    I've been a "cat mommy" to many cats in my life, but my experiences with Maine Coons have been the most memorable and life changing. They truly are the gentle giants and are more loyal than your average cat. I credit Mandy with much of my success and I have no shame in telling that to anyone. I truly don't believe I would be where I am today without her, nor would I believe in the healing power of animals or just how great a gift God has given us through their presence in our lives.
    So, go hug your kitty -MC or not!- or dog, bird, iguana, or whatever animal has blessed your life this year. They truly are gifts to us that we could never repay.
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    I have loved deeply all my pets & have had great love & pleasure given back but the MC is the one animal I have found that the more you give the more you get back from them & very quickly too......
    They all have their distinct personalities but throw in one to one time with them & they bloom,it was great reading how Mandy helped you how wonderful she is bless her,hugs to you
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    Jackie, I second that! I find it amazing how humans can bond with other species. I love them all like they were my own children. Every one of them have brought me so much joy.
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