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    Super friendly MC Kitten Terrified of Visitors ?

    My little rescue Maine Coone kitten (she's about 3 months old now) was super sweet and affectionate with me from the moment I found her, was never skittish with me at all. (I found her end of Sept). She even slept with me the first night I took her in, insisted on being all snuggled up under my chin and kneading my face and chest all night lol. Each night like clockwork, she'll jump up onto my chest and snuggle up for the night, giving me lots of headbutts and kisses with her little wet nose. Loves to sleep with her face against my cheek. She's just so sweet.

    My Mom came for a visit a week ago and kitten was very skittish and wouldn't come near my Mom, kept hiding. I was shocked! My Mom isn't really an animal person so I wondered if maybe kitten sensed that? My sister came over yesterday, who loves animals...and I was positive kitten would be friendly with her......but again, she was skittish and wouldn't come near my sister, I could only coax her into the room using her favorite toys but the minute my sister would slowly reach out to pet her, she was gone (but peeking from around the wall -- so curious).

    In all of my years of having cats, I've never had one that was so sweet and affectionate and loving and cuddling with me..........but strangely so afraid of visitors. She's even friendlier when at the Vet clinic of all places!

    Is this a common trait of Maine Coon cats?


    Thank you!

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    I have a 5 year old MC floyd and he is also super affectionate with me but everytime anyone comes in the house he goes upstairs and hides often under the duvet.

    He has always done this from being a kitten and Ive no idea why .Ive also got two mc kittens and they are freindly with anyone.




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