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    Help... Being woken up in the night

    I have 2 15 month old Maine coons, male and female. Paisley is well behaved at night and sleeps through the night. Boss on the other hand has a habit of paddling on the mirror so it bangs on the wall to wake me up, at the beginning it was just before feeding time but now it can be several times a night.
    He has biscuits and fresh water downstairs, so he's not starving.

    He stops doing it when you sit up on bed so he's only doing it to wake me up.

    He's not neutered yet either but that's going to be happening soon. He has always suckled since we got him (at 8 weeks) and he has a habit on lying on the bed and suckling but then after about 10 minutes starts humping our feet .

    We are currently trying to lock them out the bedroom at night but they still meow and paw the door to get in.

    Any tips would be much appreciated





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