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    Problem with Lenny's hips and rear legs

    Hi all,

    My name isJon, and I'm from Spain. I have a lovely Maine Coon called Lenny whois 2 years old and is having some health issues related with his hipsand rare legs, and I would like to know if this has happened tosomeone else or anybody know any expert I can contact to.

    Two monthsago (1st of june), Lenny fractured the head of his femurof his left leg (we still don't know how, we went out for 30 minutesand when we came back he was lied on the bed with pain). We took himto the vet, where they did ax-ray and didn't notice the fracture so they send us home withpainkillers andantiinflammatories. Two days later, Lenny wasn't better so we tookhim back to the vet where they told us that he has the femur headbroken and the solution was to remove the head. We wanted a secondopinion so we went to a veterinary traumatologist who recomend us toreconstruct the head of the femur, and that is what we did.

    The5thof june Lenny got surgery, the vet put him 3 needles to keep thefemur in place and after that we have to check him every month withx-rays and if everything was fine one needle was extracted everytime, so in 3 months no needle was left inside.

    Thefirst medical check was july 10th, x-rays where good so one needle was extracted. Lenny was fine afterthe surgery, but two weeks later we realised that he was not movingso much, and was walking in a strange way, swaying rear ends and wasnot jumping, had also problems to go to the sandbox, so we took himback to the vet, this was july 28th.

    Anotherx-ray was made then, since the left rear leg was doing great theytook out another needle, but the vet realised then that the right leg(the “good” one), had a lot of bone loss comparing with the firstx-rays, that was all in the last 2 months!! His opinion is that Lennymust have a genetic condition that has made the bone loss so fast,but he doesn't know yet what it is, could be a vascular problem,dysplasia, etc. At the moment he told us to feed him with Hill'smobility cat food and check him again in 3 weeks.

    I've beenreading and searching for similar conditions, but I haven't foundanything like this, I've think of Spinal Muscular Atrophy, but thisshould have been diagnosed with 3-5 months, I'm going to test himanyway... So, if anybody can help in any way or put me in contactwith an expert in this kind of things I will be very greatfull.

    Thanks allin advance and sorry for my english.

    Problem with Lenny's hips and rear legs-2015_06_01-lenny.jpgProblem with Lenny's hips and rear legs-2015_06_05-lenny.jpgProblem with Lenny's hips and rear legs-2015_07_10-lenny.jpgProblem with Lenny's hips and rear legs-2015_07_28-lenny.jpg




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