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    MC kitten wanted end of December onwards :)

    Hi there. I'm new on the forum and it was recommended to me as I am looking for my first ever Maine Coon kitten.
    After looking at numerous breeder pages and images and other people's posts on forums like this (the "Then and Now" thread on here is great!), I think I may have actually managed to narrow down my desires to be able to actually start looking! It was impossible with so many beautiful colours to choose from and breeders around me, when really at the end of the day it's about meeting the kittens and experiencing their personalities. But I suppose you have to start somewhere.

    So I'll start by saying I'm looking for a kitten that can come to its new home from the end of December onwards. We're going away for a week the 8th to the 15th to Scotland, so any time after that.
    We are based in Suffolk but can travel as far as a breeder is willing for their kitten to travel home.
    I'm pretty sure I am looking for a boy now. I did have no preference to sex, but I seem to bond easier with male pets and also my 3 current cats are all boys.
    I would love to be introduced to kittens that are Anything&White. Classic, tortie, silver, even red maybe. I'd say brown tabby/tortie is my favourite at the moment, but I'm just a sucker for those white bibs and chests

    I'm going to the show in November at the NEC, and I can come and visit kittens any day in the week really. I hope it will be okay if I bring my almost-3-year old son who is very quiet and has a good respect for animals. He's not boisterous at all but would love to see kittens

    So there we go. I'm not sure how many frequent this area of the forum, but I thought I'd put a post up anyway. I have a number of breeders bookmarked in order of distance, but I thought I might get a heads up here about any impending kittens or perhaps kittens that were previously reserved etc and are once again available. I understand breeders probably have more than enough to be doing and won't necessarily update their web pages every week, but then again I didn't want to send out 10 or more emails asking to see kittens!
    Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know if you think you may know of a breeder who could help me find my kitten!

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    Hi, I have red classic tabby & white girl available. She will be ready to go around 15 of January. I also have solid white girl from the same litter. She is on hold now but but may be available later. You can see their photos on my website (Welcome to FelinoCoons - Kittens Available, Maine Coon cattery from Dumbarton, Scotland).




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