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    Tom and Gordon --- Sir Malegant and Sir Mahaus

    If I had not bred these two I would still be in love..

    These two boys went to the USA to share their lives with Wendy and Mark.. a couple who adopted 2 Abyssinians off me in 2000..

    When Max the last one died last year... they decided they could not have a life with out one of the boys..

    its been 9 days since the boys left... they have their own diary page...

    but I still love to just share the photos.. they are so beautiful xx or should that be handsome... xx

    Both boys where my very first BARF litter, taking meat from their mothers mouth at just 3 weeks old..

    They are both BARF fed now, and they look fab.....

    Tom and Gordon --- Sir Malegant and Sir Mahaus-cid_fbceb762-3fae-4cab-9a68-af522f6d6a6e.jpgTom and Gordon --- Sir Malegant and Sir Mahaus-photo2.jpg




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