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    Katkabin anyone??

    Anyone have one?
    im thinking of getting one for my older MC who has become a real huntress and often refuses to come in when i call her i just worry that if the weather closes in and im not around to let her in she wont have somewhere cosy to sleep. but it looks like these only come in one size.

    my question is... can a adult MC fit in a katkabin comfortably? does anyone have one? i dont want to buy one only to find she cant get in it
    thanks in advance for your help

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    We got one for our elderly moggie, but he unfortunately passed away before he could use it.
    I would say that a full-sized MC could get in, but might not find it the easiest to turn around in! We got the optional insulation too, and if you check the website for the external measurements, reduce them by about 2 cm to get the internal size.
    Sidney is only 16 weeks old, but he definitely fits in!




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