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    In the dog house

    In the next few weeks my 3 will start to venture outdoors with me. The garden is largely decked with relatively few places for shade. I'm sure once they have experienced the great outdoors it will be near impossible to keep them in so I have bought them somewhere shaded to house water and them from the sun.

    Plastic Dog Kennel Polly at zooplus

    This is incredibly easy to assemble and incredibly easy to clean as it can just be hosed down. It has great ventilation and easily accommodates all 4 of my cats with a lot of room to spare. I'm thinking it might be particularly useful for breeders. Price wise I think it is exceptional value as there are no exposed wooden or metal parts to disintegrate over time when exposed to the elements.

    On the downside. I doubt it is biodegradable or earth friendly but as it looks to last forever I am not going to beat myself up about that.




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