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Thread: Glacier Point for Cats Pet Fountain

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    Glacier Point for Cats Pet Fountain

    This will be my first product review here, it's going to be fairly detailed, so I'll apologize in advance.

    I decided to post this because they have recently started shipping internationally and I know a large portion (majority?) of the members are not from the USA.

    After I was told by my fiancee that she wanted a Maine Coon kitten and I got over the shock of the size and actually decided I wanted one too, I started looking into things we would need for kittens. One of those items was a container for water, I could have gone and bought a plastic dish. With some research I decided I don't want plastic due to the pores that can trap bacteria and lead to cat acne. Then there's stainless steel, it can leach chemicals if not made with the correct grade of stainless. My fiancee mentioned pet fountains, well those are mainly plastic, and from the reviews, difficult to clean properly. The pumps seem to go out quickly, and the filters are a joke.

    Then I came across the Glacier Point. A lead free ceramic basin made in the USA. The creator was a medical device engineer for over 30 years. He is a cat owner and did not like the solutions on the market. He uses high quality aquarium pumps, custom made activate charcoal filters that attach to the output of the pump so the water is forced through the charcoal instead of allowed to flow around it. The refill system uses 16 and 32 ounce glass Heinz vinegar jars, rinsed and filled with water of course. The filter components are made of food and medical grade materials.

    I won't lie, the initial investment for these fountains isn't cheap. But I figure, nothing is too good for our kittens.

    There is some documentation on the website about how cats drink more water when it's cold, he did research with a veterinarian to come to this conclusion. Think about it, if there are 2 glasses of water, 1 that's just out of the refrigerator and one that was sitting in a nice warm location, which would you choose? So he came up with the "Perfect Pet Fountain" that adds a chiller to drop the water to 60 F (15.5 C).

    Being the nice guy I am, I purchased one of these fountains for my mom's Yorkie, the basic fountain. Took him some time to use it, but once he did, boy did he drink water; I had never seen him drink this much water in 1 sitting.

    I decided that when we get our 2 Maine Coon kittens, we should have the "high capacity" fountain because of how large they are. I was a little worried about it being too large, but once I saw some 4 month old Maine Coons in person, I decided it would be fine. Unfortunately we're still waiting to get our Maine Coons so I can't comment on them liking it, but I don't have any doubt that they'll love it. I do plan on purchaing the chiller unit to add to the high capacity fountain, I was told it would fit. In preparation for these kittens, I already have the fountain. Both fountains are very high quality, very simple, yet well built.

    I have been telling everyone with animals about this fountain for the simple reason that I believe this fountain does all that it claims and does it well.

    The website for these fountains is Glacier Point Perfect Pet Fountain™ - The Pet Fountain Solution by Sierra BioScience

    I hope this review is informative, I promise you I'm not affiliated with Glacier Point, I just feel it's a very good solution for cats, and even dogs.
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