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Thread: To my beloved kittens gone by

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    To my beloved kittens gone by

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    Here's a tribute to my darling pussycats

    My first was a 21st surprise birthday present from my parents. Tinkerbell. Presented in a wicker basket next to a bunch of wild flowers, she didn't make a peep and I had no idea what was inside! I didn't believe in soul mates until I had her. She completed me, and I have never felt the same about a cat since she died. Sadly was hit by a car at 10 months old. Hardly any life at all, but when I think of her I feel like she was in my life forever. She visits my dreams often.

    After Tinks I wondered if I could ever be a cat owner again. However after a lot of thought and heartache I found a place in my heart for Isabelle and Minette.

    They were sisters, and the naughtiest kittens I have ever owned!! They stripped the wallpaper from a whole room in the house I was renting at the time, my landlord was not best pleased. I was at uni at the time and Ibby and Minnie came with me wherever I went, they were gorgeous. I used to go for walks in a park about half a mile from the house and they would both follow me there and back.
    While at uni Ibby went missing for 3 days, I sent out poster etc and someone called saying they had hit her with their car. I was devastated, and mourned for another two days...until she strolled in through the back door!!

    Sadly both Minnie and Ibby had a heart condition that went unnoticed by the vets. Minette died aged 4 and a half. She was the quieter of the two, saved her affection for me and my Dad mostly. She had the most expressive tail, you could tell what me she was in by the flicker and twitch of her tail. Isabelle died at the beginning of this year aged 6. Ibby was an utter minx! She wanted to be wherever you were and do whatever you were doing. She used to try and steal food from your plate by very slowly hovering her paw towards your food. I think she thought if she moved really slowly we wouldn't see her!



    I think of all my cats past and present all the time. They have bought much happiness, joy and entertainment into my life. Would never be without them.
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