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Thread: Just Reply with their name .....

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    Just Reply with their name .....

    Sometimes it hurts too much to put a thread about out beloved pets that have moved onto the Rainbow Bridge so ...... to make things easier, just reply with the name or names of those that you want to remember and when the time is right you might be able to post a little bit about them.

    I'll start with mine; mostly cats but the odd K9 and rodent in there -

    Tom, Grey Legs, Ceefor, Beefor, Deefor, Gizzie, Scamp, Paddy, Kia, Titch, Felix, Grey Legs, Tara, Kofu, Lord Mongy Mutt, Splodge, TicTac, Fudge, Toto *stops as crying*

    Today will be hard for one member but I am sure he will look back and find lots of good times and laughter xxxx

    If tears could build a stairway
    and thoughts a memory lane
    I'd walk right up to heaven
    and bring you home again ...........................

    RIP beloved George xxx
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    Thanks hun. George was a wonderful boy, loved him very much and we spent a great 14 1/2 years together. Jessica, his step sister, was two years younger than him and she also passed away a few years before.

    I'll post some pics later.

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    Thought of you & George last night Peter & ended up in floods thinking of Cheeky China so along with Debbie will add a few more
    K9: Micky&Tina from childhood days & from being a responsible person in my own right,Pepsi & her daughter Dinky,Snoopy & daughter Amy.
    Feline :Cola {guess which canine he came along with}Pusskins & Cheeky
    Horse: Charlston
    Little furries too many to mention but all loved in their own right.

    All have given us so much love & fun but with that comes the heartache & pain on that dreadful day when we say goodbye but oh so worth it.

    Nite nite my darlings,sllep tight x

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    I've had so many pets over the years that it would take all day to honor all of them....they were all loved and missed. But there are three that literally scarred me when they passed away. In reverse order according to when they lived:

    My Victory. Aka, Victor. My Savannah who hated everyone but me. It took 6 techs at the vet to give him his shots, yet I have video of me holding him upside down while he purred. He would lay up in my stepdaughter's bed and growl at her when she climbed into it. I'd have to go get him. He was a nose kisser to me. He's purr and kiss my whole face if I let him. He died too young. He slipped outside and was hit on the road. I still haven't gotten over it. But I think it was divine intervention because I was so attached to him that I couldn't bring myself to re-home him despite the fact that he was so unpredictable with anyone but me. I was afraid that someone else would abuse him for attacking.

    Patience. Aka, Fat cat..or The Fatness. I stopped by a farm with a free kitten sign at the age of 17. All kittens scattered..they were nearly feral. She walked out from where she was hiding, marched right up to me, and yowled at me. Loudly as if she was telling me off. And she was mine. She couch surfed with me loyally all through my 20's. Was the most adaptable cat I had ever met. She was my character barometer when I was dating...if she didn't like them, there was something wrong. She'd also alert me to intruders outside of wherever we were living by growling at the entrance. She hated Stuffy. She got sick on Easter 2007. She had a tumor and had to be put to sleep. If you have Patience, then you will have Victory in whatever you do. Victor was an impulse buy borne of mourning.

    Stuffy. The cross eyed Siamese who slept on my head from the age of 9 to 18. Then lived in what used to be my closet after I moved out for college...leaving only to wander from room to room looking for me. He lived until I was 27, and waited for me to be at home for the night before falling asleep with me one more time. Stuffy hated Patience. When I tried to bring him to live with me, he would escape and sit in the road and stare at me in defiance. I lived in a quiet neighborhood where it was safe for my cats to run about, but still. I got the point and took him back to live in my childhood bedroom.

    Now I'm going to go sob somewhere




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