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Thread: Koda the wonderful attack cat to Koda the wonderful lap cat

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    Koda the wonderful attack cat to Koda the wonderful lap cat

    It seems like just yesterday when I scooped you up from my back yard a small 5 ounce kitten with a respiratory and eye infection. You weren't the most well behaved in fact I would call you a monster when you would just launch yourself onto my ankles and not let go. When you were 5 months old and because of the way your spine was deformed had to have your tail bobbed I couldn't stand to see you in that pain of missing a limb. When I was away and you got really sick and then I found out you had gone into complete heart failure I could not wait till I could come back home and hold you and comfort you. You pulled through like a trooper. When you developed Fatty Liver Disease when you were 17 pounds and I was the only one who could pick you up and get you into a carrier you made me feel so special. Then when you developed Diabetes and at the same time my mom found out she had cancer. When mom died and you knew before I did and let me hug you till I was ok. Then when you would go wading in the river during the summer to cool off and walk on a harness and leash you made me so proud to call you my cat. When you had an off day I had an off day. Then when you Quit eating and Drinking because the liver disease came back I was so worried. When you couldn't make it all the way into the litter box before you went made me think. When you passed peacefully in my arms you made me cry but you know what? I'm just glad I got to have you for seven years and those were some of the best years of my life that you brought me.
    Rest in Peace Koda De Cat and know that I will always love you and there will never be another cat like you. I won't have a Drama King of a cat that over dramatizes everything he does nor will I have such an opinionated cat if you didn't like something you let me know weather with a black eye or a sharp shake of my pantleg you let us know what you wanted or didn't want. I can't wait to see you at the rainbow bridge Koda but please wait for me you really aren't a human!
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    What a tribute to Koda,bless...x

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    beautiful words...




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