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    Ms Vicky: 1998-2014

    Ms Vicky: 1998-2014-mvc-015s.jpg

    Sometime Monday evening Ms Vicky passed away not so peacefully after 16.5 years.

    I like to tell the story of thumbing thru Time Magazine's special edition of 100 People of the 20th Century and Ms Vicky decided to make a statement by making a "bookmark" on Princess Diana's page....she lived up to that statement.

    I took cats into my home to foster for adoption, and Ms Vicky often made them feel at home. Even a couple of months ago she befriended a six-week predominately Siamese kitten pulled from a feral life at the airport car garage. Now she is just as sociable as her Godmother.

    Ms Vicky was named after a 50-something co-worker named Vicky, and nobody dared call her Ms Vicky - the wife of Tiny Tim. Her Mother was a white doll-faced Chinchilla Persian just like the Fancy Feast cat, but have no idea of her Father. Some have speculated he had Siamese blood, and Ms Vicky could be very vocal. I saw her as British royalty in her "Meow" was "Maa" (RP accent), a heavily shaded silver that would go well with a British Shorthair cat. When guests came into my home, Ms Vicky was the only one that greeted them instead of running for cover. Again, she was great with other cats - with one famous exception. She had brilliant emerald green eyes. Of all the cats I have had plus fosters, it would number at least 75, she was a close second to my favorite - Spencer I (SpencerTheLion.) But she was the most attractive and adoptable cat I have ever known by far. She was extreme friendly and attractive - SpencerTheLion agreed.

    One evening I played off the Jingle Cats album Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. When it got to the middle where the strings make the exclamation point done by kittens squealing, Spencer (both cats neutered) started to mate Ms Vicky! :D For a number of years when I heard this mischievous chatter I knew what Spencer was doing with Ms Vicky.

    I had a purebred odd-eyed white Turkish Angora with Ms Vicky for several years - this cat was not like Duchess in The Aristocats. In fact, I named her Mewdonna - in appearance and attitude she thought she was The Queen of Pop. I visited the home Mewdonna is happily living in as an only cat....she fought most cats at my home. I brought along Ms Vicky and things were OK most of the visit, but suddenly Ms Vicky uncharacteristically charged at Mewdonna and drove her under the bed - priceless.

    Older cats and dogs are susceptible to failing kidneys, but more so Maine Coons and Persians. I think Ms Vicky was suffering from kidney disease. If there is a takeaway from this, check your cat. Her fur hid her weight loss and by the time I realized it, it was the 11th hour. She also suffered from Upper Respiratory Infection. First a runny nose, then her right eye swollen shut. A friend helped with the cost of getting her to the vet. They hydrated Ms Vicky, and gave penicillin, antibiotics She was stronger just before the vet visit and the prognosis was she would recover, but the next day she had a relapse, greatly weakened and as feared died the next evening, sadly passing with an apparent seizure. Maybe all the treatment was too much.

    She was the feline queen of hearts.
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    She sounds like a very special cat. I hope your dear memories of her will help you through the sadness. XO

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    I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my sweet MC kitty also




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