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Thread: I just started doing th is yesterday.

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    Possibly the only downside to feeding raw is the negative reaction you are bound to get from some people. It took me a long time to become knowledgeable enough to confidently reply to such criticisms. Until then I was just going on my instinct that this had to be the right thing to do. Please don't let them put you off. Read as much as you can on the subject and you will start to feel more comfortable with what you are doing.

    Eating raw meat as nature intended provides both physical and mental stimulation for the cat, that's why it's such a joy to watch them eating.

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    It’s hard to overfeed a kitten. During their first 6 months they grow very rapidly, and you can feed her 5% of her body weight per day – preferably divided over at least 4 meals. So if she weighs 2 kgs you can feed her 100 grams a day. Over the next 6 months, you can gradually reduce to 3.5%.

    But this is only a rule of thumb. It is always best to observe your kitty. If she loses weight, or is constantly clamoring for food, first have the vet rule out other causative factors. If she gets a clean bill of health, give her more food. Conversely, if you think she gets too fat, feed her less (again, after vet check of course).

    I always supervise when my Coons eat bone. I also take care the pieces of bone are not small enough to swallow whole. (Of course this doesn’t apply to ground bone.)

    Don’t worry about the germs. Although it is possible for a cat to get sick from bugs like salmonella, chances are very very slim. Cats being natural meat eaters are designed to cope with germs much better than us humans. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any cats left. (Besides, we are talking about animals who habitually lick their own bums and are none the worse for it.)
    Of course handling raw meat does carry a risk for humans, so you need to take the same hygienic precautions you would when preparing a chicken or roast for your own family. I have been feeding raw for about 9 months now and am not the cleanest of housewives. But we haven’t had any issues yet.
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