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Thread: Temporarily Feeding Raw for Juvenile Gingivitis

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    Candes, nope Tequila is actually not much of a chewer. The Enzadent oral chews are actually soft and styrofoam like chews, they break and crumble easily. I got these other cat chews (kinda like the rawhide bones for dogs but they are not as hard for cats) he and Maya bats the darn chew around the house. Money down the toilet.

    Gosh, I hope he won't lose his teeth. Missy (RIP) was a MC mix and when we got her, she literally had no teeth. She had literally had her incisors and canines left. She only ate wet food and any dry kibble she had, she swallowed whole. So, we don't want a another toothless kitty.

    No bones here in this house. Neither of them liked the raw chicken and I wasn't going to push the raw on the two. Besides, Dh really was against me trying to give them the wing or giblets to expedite the teeth cleaning for the show. So since his gingivitis does not disqualify him at the show, we're just gonna do this the old fashion way since it's working slowly but surely.

    Debbie: Thanks for your input. However, feeding the raw was only a temporary thing. It was all to expedite getting rid of his gingivitis before the cat show. My husband is happy that the two didn't like the raw chicken as he was not crazy on the idea of them flicking and batting around raw meats around the house. I can just imagine where I would find the pieces. The bacteria, slime etc.. Ewww....
    I have seen pictures of before and after on other sites. That's great it has helped your coonies get rid of the gingivitis.

    We're just gonna stick to the toothpaste and anything dental from our vet.
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