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    Opinions And Insight: Maine Coon Breeders

    Hello everyone; I'm wanting to purchase a Maine Coon kitten, but I'm new to purebred cats and breeders so I'm unsure of what to look for or who to purchase from. I've done quite a bit of researching and looking around over the last few months and I think I've found a few breeders I'm interested in purchasing from.

    Name: Mitzi Guess
    Cattery: Congocoons (CFA)
    Location: Alabama
    Welcome to Congocoon Maine Coon Cat Cattery of Alabama

    Name: Kristin Graff
    Cattery: Spellbound (?)
    Location: Norway

    Can anyone more experienced than myself tell me what they think about whether or not the sites look legit, their thoughts about the quality of the cats, any question marks, or things of that nature? I'd be exceedingly grateful if someone who's dealt with one of the breeders could give a little insight.

    Also, I wouldn't mind any recommendations of breeders I should look at. I would welcome it actually. =)

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    I ask for a kitten from this breeder, and she is not interested in shipping her kittens out of the us, sadly, i think it is to bad, because i like her cats and kittens...........
    Proud Danish Maine Coon & Dobermann

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