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    Unhappy Angel Needs Help

    Hello my fellow Coon lovers, I'd like to ask for some help...
    Angel Needs Help-14368752_10205736061515241_8189207627299823631_n.jpg
    This is Angel, she's a 10 year old pure bred Maine Coon. She's been my best friend for years and we're inseparable.
    All her life she's been healthy, not a single cold or cough. But recently she hasn't been feeling very good... for three nights in a row she vomited. She's been more lethargic than I've ever seen her. I've seen her eat and drink, she's used the litter box fine, but I can tell there is something wrong.
    I consulted a few vets and they recommended that I bring her to get checked out and have a blood test done. The cause of her sudden illness can be something as simple as stress, bad food, or a stomach bug. Or it can be a more serious ailment like fatty liver, kidney disease/failure, or cancer.
    But I have a pretty big problem. I can't afford a blood test. Truth is, I'm only 19 years old and living by myself for the first time. I'm trying so hard to get by and I don't have much money to spare. Angel is always my first priority, she gets food before I do. I've been down to eating maybe one and a half meals a day to make sure I have enough money to keep her well fed and happy.
    I'm angry at myself for not thinking this far ahead and saving enough to help her. She's saved my life over and over, and when she's the one in need I can barely do anything.

    I'm appealing to the Coon community for help...
    Here I have a GoFundMe started to raise money for Angel
    I need to get her to the vet by Tuesday before she can get any worse. You can share this wherever you like, I need the help. I'm so scared that I could lose my best friend.

    Sorry for making this a really sad, sappy post. I feel pathetic just needing to ask for help. I'm young and stupid, but I don't want Angel to pay the price for my mistakes.



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