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Thread: Help with cat flap traing

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    For tonight I have the answer most probaly will change tomorrow....
    A couple of times during the week as long as when she has gone to the opening by encouraging her she has made her on way through but not done it completely off her own back,tonight she is going in & out of her own free will so the answer is for them to have an anaesthetic,there simple,she is still spaced out from her spay & the last place you want her to be is out in the pen but she is going out & sitting on the top most shelf then back she comes to shortly go out again,what must it be doing to her sore tum & I am sure tomorrow when all four paws are firmly down to earth again we will be back to square one but it has proved she can do it if for "one night only"....!

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    Max finially suceeded this Sunday !!!!! be it with alot of help from his sister . He must have spent a couple of hours watching his sister ,she would use the flap and wait calling him from outside,a paw would open it slightly still he had not a clue . Then it was like I knew how to do it all along he walks up to flap pushes with his head and his out
    Normality at last !!!! we can now enjoy some peace and quiet as they go at it outside in their enclosure I think not lol


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