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    Is this normal?! anyone else's MC sleep like this?!

    Hi all

    I'm going to start by saying I might be a bit neurotic, I am aware that I might just be a bit paranoid! Rufus is 10 months old, and an absolute delight. He is loved and adored by all. I am always worried though about whether he is sad/ill!! He has been vaccinated but is an indoor cat. He recently went to he vet for a check up as I was worried he was a bit off-colour, sleepy and felt like he might have lost a bit of weight and I heard him snoring a couple of times. Vet checked him over, said everything was fine but to be on the safe side ran an 'all singing all dancing' blood test. Rang back a few days later with the results and said all fine, nothing obvious to suggest there was anything to be worried about. She did say that one or two things were a little off but they could be explained by the fact that he was still so young and hadn't eaten before the test. Needless to say that hasn't really alleviated my concerns completely. I know it sounds daft but I just wanted to know if anyone else's coonies sleep like this?? I would love to think it was just a quirk, coz it's actually quite cute, but I worry it's a sign that he's sad or in discomfort! Vet had asked us if he always breathes the way he did at the vets (quite fast) but it was hard to tell. Has left me paranoid about his breathing though! He is eating and drinking as normal and happy to play! Has made a few snuffles in the last couple of days again though.

    Sorry such a long message but honestly any replies will be gratefully received! Just wish they could talk!!!

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    Bet he is having a growing spurt, they all seem to do it in different ways, I have had them eat more & carry on through to ones that go off their food , don't want to play & go very tired...... bet he has already getting back to his normal self,hope

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    Ava wheezes like a steam train just before she goes to sleep, then it's all normal, but not until I've convinced myself that she is about to die. Sidney snores at times. Sometimes you can hear him upstairs when he's downstairs. Both went through grumpy patches then grew about 6 inches overnight, they are starving one day and think the food is inedible the next day and won't go near it.

    Basically, they will try to keep you on the edge of a nervous breakdown for as long as possible. If the vet thinks he is basically ok, try to relax, enjoy playing and go back in a few weeks if you are still worried. Keep an eye on his weight, it should go up a bit each week, say 50-100 g give or take. If he eats more it will be more, if he's very active it will be less. It just shouldn't go down very much over a couple of weeks! Don't weigh him daily, though, that way leads straight to a gibbering wreck as a MC poo is a substantial item and make a big difference to the weighing!

    Finally, our old cocker spaniel slept in exactly that position. I thought she'd dislocated her hips the first time she did it. But she hadn't. Just trying to wind me up...




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