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Thread: Aggressive young maine coon.

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    Aggressive young maine coon.

    Hello and thanks for reading.

    Pyewacket is a 15 month old female spayed Maine coon. She is a fairly sweet cat on her own terms but she will often bite when being petted. She hides in corners and attacks feet when they go by. She leaps out at you and swats or bites. She will come over to you just to bite or swat at you. Sometimes she gets in your lap and purrs and snuggles but when she comes over you never know if her intentions are good. She trills all the time and runs up to you but as soon as she gets there she bites.
    We tell her NO! and set her down but usually she comes right back. We play with her constantly and she loves to fetch. She fills our shoes with her toys and then we throw them for her and she brings them right back.
    She has cat tree's and high window sill's so there is plenty of up high places to sit and she gets fed around the same time everyday.
    We have had her since she was 7 weeks old and she was a very sweet kitten. I think the worst of it is she is mean to our aging house rabbit and chases her whenever she gets the chance :(
    Pyewacket is a wonderful BEAUTIFUL cat but I really hope that her behavior can be curbed. All my friends joke that she is not a cat but a "puma" both in size and temperament....Advice??? Help???

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    Our first girl MC was like that & worse she could be very aggressive, she was a retired breeding queen but still young as her first litter she killed & the breeder managed to save & hand rear two out of the second but obviously couldn't continue breeding from her, she also was hand reared so hadn't been taught manners, we cured her by giving her time out, in all ways she was the same as yours, could be very loving, played fetch & loved it when you "shrieked" as she had hid her toy mouse in your shoe but not being able to 100% trust her left you on edge, luckily she had her own room so when she bit it was a strong no & put in her room for time out for a few minutes if she was in a real uppity mood she would turn on the nastiness more & have to say then it was a grit teeth scruff her as no way could you carry her & again put her in for time out but every time we let her out we had a small game or cuddle & carried on as normal, took a few months of being consistent but she ended up being the most friendliest & devoted cat you could wish for & she loved the guinea pigs so hope for your rabbit yet, think you have to work out a system that you think will make her stop & think..... She actually was very young to have left her mum too so some of it could stem back to that, most breeders wouldn't let their babes go until they were 12 to 13 weeks & fully vaccinated & she was taken away just as mum would be teaching her the nicesties of life & she would have had the rough & tumble playtime with siblings which in itself helps teach them that bites can hurt , hopefully you will be able to work it out with
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