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    MaineCoon or Mix - Leave her when traveling or take her?


    New here. Found the site while looking for some general MC info and answers.
    I hope you experienced cat folk can help.

    First I haven't had good luck with the three cats I've had. I still like them and appreciate their independence and easier maintenance compared to a dog for example. All of the cats I've had were cats that were given to me or I had as a child (my father brought it home one day), but that one was 1/4 bobcat and semi-wild. While I could get it to calm down and let me pet it, I can't say it was a fun or cuddly experience. One day it never came back from it's adventures. The last cat died around 2008. I have no pets now. I live in a small/medium house with a small yard in the city.

    So lately I've noticed that the cats I've been interested in are Maine Coons.
    The more I learn about them the more I like them. I really love the way they look and that they are bigger than most, their personality and intelligence. I'd probably try to teach it to use the toilet to make both our lives happier.

    At a local pet shop they have a Maine Coon MIX available. I don't know what that is supposed to mean. 50%? 25%?
    I have been thinking of adopting her. Maybe you all can tell me if she sounds MC to you.
    She has that grey tiger/ tabby/ with some rust or honey coloring.
    Her tail is long but does not seem to be particularly fluffy. Her ears have long fur inside but not the long tips of hair.
    She is about 5 months old and is about 1/3 bigger than another cat that is 4 months old.
    I don't know if her paws are particularly large but they seem to have more hair between the toes than the other cats.
    So how does that sound to you? Is her size normal for any 5 month old or would a Maine Coon be about a 1/3 larger than a cat only a month younger?

    Besides that, I am worried about leaving her.
    I am a single guy and I often work at home but anticipate traveling periodically during the next 2 years.
    I know I can't leave her for a month on her own.
    How about a weekend? Leave Friday and return Sunday or Monday?
    If I don't fly but drive, maybe I could get her used to travel?
    Has anyone ever tried traveling with their cats?

    In reading about the history of the Maine Coon it seemed to me that they may enjoy getting back to their voyager roots.
    Everything that I've read that makes sense says that Maine Coons came from, at least partially, a foundation of cats that liked water, people and travel. No cat that hated water or was shy around people could be a sailors cat on a ocean voyage across months of travel in close proximity to a bunch of people.

    One time I actually spent about 45 minutes with the cat at the store and by the end she was stretching out, letting me pet her belly and playing. She would try to grab my hand, but I felt like she was being careful not to scratch me. I could see her razor claws come out, then be drawn back and she curled her paws around my hand so only the soft parts touched me. She would also play bite where she did little more than touch me with her teeth. She even licked me once while holding/capturing my hand.
    I found her gentle personality a good match.

    Any thoughts? Maybe it's not a good idea. I don't want to adopt her and then feel like I'm abandoning her at home.
    Please help me figure this out.

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    She sounds as if she could have MC in her, lots of the traits are there,larger than normal domestic cat, sheathing her claws, play biting but you will never know for sure but if you hit it off with her then she is your furrbaby no matter what, the only way you will know you have a MC is if you go to a breeder & get registration papers with your babe.... We show & our cats love to travel & have a great time staying away for a night or two, we have taken one on holiday with us for a week as a show was involved ,it is a case of getting them used to it from the start, being a housecat you will find you build up a great relationship with them & can train them to a harness etc.... I think if you want to travel be it for a weekend or a month then might pay to find a jolly good cattery where you know she will be safe & get attention, I know I could never leave mine for a month but have a friend who puts her into a cattery for that length of time to go home to her original roots, only you can decide, the cat could end up with someone who lets her roam & after the initial few weeks doesn't care about her so in that scenario she would be better with you who obviously has her interests at heart, perhaps two might be the answer so they can keep each other company while you are away, have a feeling if you bond long trip intentions could be shorter trips.......!!!x




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