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Thread: Osiris, Satyr and Phoenix

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    Osiris, Satyr and Phoenix

    Hi. I just posted in the introductions thread in length about myself, so thought I should dedicate some forum space to my beloved boys

    Here are some rather pretentious (got a bit carried away in Photoshop, apologies) photos of them.

    Osiris is a DLH and was born on 27th August 2003. He can be quite timid but is a very loving cat. He adores me and is a great lap cat. His meow is a very bizarre noise that sounds like "meng EH" and he has enormous feet. He is very gentle except with accepting food and then, watch your fingers!

    Satyr is a DSH and was born on 3rd April 2005. He is Osiris's nephew and my gentle giant. He weighs a stone and adores absolutely everyone he meets. Walks okay on a puppy harness (cat ones wouldn't fit him), but seems to lack the balance you tend to associate with cats. His meow is very odd as well being quite quiet and high pitch and just a sort of "mow mow" sound. His nickname is pants or Juggernaut as his neck is as wide as his head lol.

    Phoenix a DLH also born on 3rd April 2005, and is also Osiris's nephew. Phoenix is very, very special. He has the perfect balance of coming across as many sandwiches short of a picnic, but actually is extremely intelligent and very shrewd. His meow is silent and is everywhere apart from my old family home back in Colchester. He grows amazing "cheeks" in the winter and adores crisps. He's not much of a lap cat, more of a sit by your face and lean against you cat. His fur is the softest thing I have ever felt.

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    They are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting the compulsory pics so soon, and welcome to the forum x




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