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Thread: Overly Vocal Coon

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    I really wish I could speak and understand kitty language. Then there is no guessing game as to what they want.

    Maya is very vocal and what we call "expressive". She will let us know that she's gotta go to the bathroom, believe it or not amongst other things.
    Tequila is only vocal when he wants something or he calls out to Maya. I am guessing at the latter because Maya will usually zoom by us to go find him and he will stop.
    Our Missy (RIP)was very loud and vocal when she wanted food or wanted us up in the morning. She would yowl as loud as she can then if that didn't wake us up, she would then start knocking things off the night stands, dressers or even walk on the fax machine.

    Little Buggers!

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    I am responding to this way too late. But I think Valerie and I kindof have the same problem. I have two Maine Coons, brother and sister. The sister has a spinal injury which causes her to have a funny walk, but other than that she is perfectly normal. The only problem is that the sister is an extremely anxious cat. It seems like she never sleeps, and when she does she lies with her head upright (this can be rather funny because her jaw will start sagging when she really falls asleep). She is also always anxiously looking around for insects to chase. I don't mind this, but whenever I get home at night she will sit in front of the front door and nag the whole time. She some times does this throughout a day. It seems she is nagging to get out, but I never let her out. I try to ignore her, so that I don't encourage this. Lately I have started locking her up in the bathroom for one or two minutes which makes her forget about the front door for an hour or so. It just really seems like this cat has some psychological problems. She is also clearly considerably dumber than her brother.


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