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    She has no diarrhea now, just soft poo whenever I give her wet food. Not as long as I just feed the RC. I don't give her human food, just some boiled meat occasionally. She drinks a lot of water and is healthy and bouncy otherwise, but I wonder if she's missing out on something?

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    Our four all eat different fractions of dry and wet. In particular, one girl eats mainly dry, while the other eats mainly wet. The poops are distinctly different, and what one would expect from eating a lot of low moisture or high moisture food. Our experience has been that the more dry the cats eat the firmer their stools--unless the dry does not agree with them, in which case it certainly can cause diarrhea. The one girls that eats mainly wet has a few flavors that make her soft (or worse). How many different wet varieties have you tried? Have you tried different brands? If you have tried only a couple, it could simply be that they do not agree. Also, with kittens that young you often need to be careful about changes to their diet, so try introducing very small amounts of a wet per day for a few days. If even a small amount causes problems after 2-3 days then don't increase.

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    I'm new here! I have some doubts about my Maine's growth. I would appreciate if someone can help me!

    I have a blue classic tabby w/ white male 8 months old. He weighs 4,3kg (9,48lb) and measuring 90cm approximately. The cattery's owner said he has a european "standard". I'm not sure the word that she used. And that's because of his european "standard", he would gain weight more slowly than Maine with american "standard".

    He eats 60-70g per day of dry food (Pro Plan Kitten).
    I'm also giving a soup (chayote, carrots, sardines and a little unflavored gelatin) on alternate days.

    He is eating normally for his age? And his weight and size? It is normal too?

    Some photos...
    In these photos he is 7 months and 3 weeks.


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